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'Calpasen & C. S.r.l.' with main office in Mola di Bari (BA), Litorale Mola-Cozze 2, registered at the Register of Companies of Bari (n. 426687), share capital 90.000 euro (approved, subscribed and deposited) is the owner of the website and unique legal entity exercising the action of management and coordination.  

Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale

1- Definitions

2- Acceptance of the general terms of sale, placement of an order

3- Validation of an order, waiver to propose exceptions, conclusion of the contract

4- Place an order

5- Information about products

6- Prices

7- Availability

8- Terms of delivery

9- Safe payments

10- Right of withdrawal, money back guarantee


12- Termination of the contract

13- Disputes and responsibility

14- Services

15- Privacy Policy


1. Definitions

1.1 By the expression «on line contract of sale», it is meant the purchase agreement relevant to the products (or services) of the Supplier, entered into with the Customer within a remote sales system through telematic tools, organized by the Supplier.
1.2 By the expression “Customer” it is meant the customer as physical person that makes the purchase, referred to this agreement, for scopes not referable to the commercial or professional activity the person deals with.       
1.3 By the expression «Supplier» it is meant the subject indicated in the headnote, that is the subject provider of the information services.

2. Acceptance of the general terms of sale, placement of an order

These General Terms of Sales (hereafter called “General Terms”) settle the contract relationships among the customers of the website (hereinafter called “Customers”) and the supplier, “Calpasen & C. S.r.l.”, with main office at Mola di Bari (BA) Litorale Mola-Cozze 2, registered at the Business Register of Bari (no. 426687) hereinafter called "Calpasen".
- The Customers/Visitors, by entering the website (hereafter called "Website"), undertake to respect the General Terms indicated.    
- The general terms of the agreement prepared by "Calpasen" are fully effective towards the Customers and are meant to be known and accepted at the moment of the order on the part of the Customers.       
- Hence, "Calpasen" invites all its Customers using the ordinary diligence recalled by art. 1341 of the civil code in reading these General terms before carrying out any order and read them every time they will come back to the “Website”, given that these provisions contained in the present General terms should be subject to modifications in the passing of time
- "Calpasen" and its Customers can, by common agreement, waive in compliance with the art. 1342 of the civil code these General terms, the waiver agreed will have, in compliance with their duration and efficacy according to art. 1352 of the civil code turn to be expressly by written, otherwise they will be considered as not applied and not existing.              
- The order of the Customers has the value of an irrevocable proposal in compliance with art. 1329.
- The Customers, after the placement of the order, declare to know the present General Terms in every part and to accept them totally, without the possibility to make exceptions outside those allowed by the law and or by these conditions

3. Validation of an order, waiver to propose exceptions, conclusion of the contract

- The agreement is concluded pursuant to art. 1326 of the civil code, when "Calpasen" communicates on-lint to the email addresses of the Customers the validation of their order that will occur through the validation email after verification of the availability of the product and the advanced payment in the mode chosen by the Customer.
- Anyway, "Calpasen" commits to communicate immediately to its Customers the validation of the order or its not acceptance in case the product is not available or in case the payment in the mode chosen by the Customer has not occurred.
- In the lack of any obligation within "Calpasen" in concluding agreements and recognising and accepting Visitors/Customers of the website, the freedom of contract of “Calpasen” itself, any right of the Visitors/Customers to refund for damages or compensation is excluded, together with any responsibility of contract or extra contract for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order. Therefore, the Visitors/Customers with the sending of the order declare to know the possibility that "Calpasen" does not accept their order and renounce, at the same time, in making demands among those indicate above and/or other similar ones.              
- If the Client is a Customer (a physical person that purchases the goods for aims not referable to his/her own professional activity), once the online purchase ended, he/she is obliged to print and save the electronic copy and in any case to keep these general terms of sale, in compliance with the provisions of articles 3 and 4 of the Legislative Decree 185/1999 about remote sales.

4. Place an order

Via Internet on the website: – 24/7.   
After the placement of the order, the Customers will receive an email to confirm its registration. Subsequently they will receive an email containing the details of the payment chosen only in case of availability of the product.

5. Information about products

The pics that present the products are not part of the agreement and cannot be in any case considered as responsibility of "Calpasen". The technical sheets and the descriptions of the products are supplied by the partners and/or by the suppliers of "Calpasen", that declines all responsibility about their content. Where, close to the name of the product, there is the acronym “UE”, it means that the product has European Warranty and that the duration is always 24 months (attested by the fiscal document of purchase) at any service centre.

6. Prices

The sales prices indicated on the Website are expressed in euros (€) and include VAT but not the delivery expenses that are at the Customer’s expenses and are invoiced at the end of the order as surcharge to the selected products. "Calpasen" reserves the right to modify the prices at any time, but engages in the same measure to apply the prices indicated on the Website at the moment of the placement of the order.

7. Availability

The orders of the Customers are satisfied in the limits of the quantity of products available.            
In case the product ordered is not available, "Calpasen" will contact its Customers via email within 7 working days starting from the date of the order to inform them of the times necessary for the delivery of the ordered product.              
The availabilities indicated on the website are approximate and do not represent a contractual obligation.

8. Terms of delivery

The products purchased on the Website can be delivered all over Italy, islands included, by "Calpasen" or by one of its affiliate partners. The order will be delivered at the address indicated at the moment of the order. "Calpasen" proposes two delivery methods:

a) Delivery via Curier in 48h, insured, advanced payment
The choice of this type of delivery allows receiving the order at the address indicated within 48 hours (starting from the effective sending of the product). The goods travel insured. This type of shipping provides for the payment with advanced bank transfer or PostePay recharge. ATTENTION The cost of the shipping does not include the “delivery to the floor”, that must be requested explicitly at the moment of the order; Calpasen will communicate the Customer the cost case by case

b) Collection at the main office of Calpasen', after the placement of the order on the website.

The choice of this type of delivery allows collecting of the ordered goods directly at the offices, located in Mola di Bari (BA), Litorale Mola-Cozze 2. This type of collection provides for the payment of the goods ordered, in advance, according to one of the modes at disposal at the moment of the order (bank transfer, PostePay recharge or credit card). Only in case i twill be possible to choose as method of payment “cash on site” it will be possible to collect the goods without advanced payment.
Anyway, the Customer will be informed via email or phone of the collection of the goods when ready.

Hours for collection: from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 1.00 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

The times necessary for the delivery indicated on our website are indicative and can be modified. Please remember the couriers perform the transport and the delivery of the products only during the working days (e.g.: for a product ordered on Saturday afternoon, you will have to count, in case the product is available, 48/72 hours starting from Monday morning). "Calpasen" cannot be considered sa responsible of the consequences due to a possible delay in the delivery or loss or damage of the order on the part of the courier.      
In case the order has not been delivered in the expected times "Calpasen" can, upon the Customer’s request, verify the reasons of the delay. During this period (15 days) it will not be possible to make the refund or a new shipping of the order

IMPORTANT: In case the product or the parcel are not compliant or have clear damages, we recommend you to fill the form indicated and not to accept the delivery, returning everything to the courier that will return the product. Moreover, the Customers will have to send an email to: within 48 hours from the delivery to inform us of the accident. Please note that "Calpasen" declines any liability in case of external damage of the packaging indicated after the acceptance of the order.        
NB: the right of withdrawal remains valid for possible malfunctions or external damages of the product.

In case the products must be shipped again to the Customers, these latter must be shipped again to teir shipping within 48 hours from the delivery date, sending them to the following address "Calpasen", Litorale Mola-Cozze, 2 - 70042 Mola di Bari (BA).
The products must be returned in their original package, including the manuals and any other accessory present in the parcel received. The expenses relevant to the return of the product will be refunded by "Calpasen" to the Customers in case of defective products at the delivery. In the other cases the expenses for the return will be at our Customer’s charge
'Calpasen' informs its Customers that a 24-hour delay can occur if, for safety reasons, "Calpasen" needs to make a supplementary check of the bank data of the Customer. Further information can be requeste4d to the Customers to validate the purchase in a definitive way.

9. Safe payments

"Calpasen" puts at his Customers’ disposal 4 possibilities of payment:

a) Advanced bank transfer
b) Credit card (via PayPal)

c) PostePay recharge
d) Cash (only at the main office of “Calpasen")

a) Advanced bank transfer.
For those who want it, through their bank of reference, it is possible to perform a transfer of money from their bank account to ours.
• Is the Bank Transfer a safe system for payments?
Yes. It is managed by banks and it is subject to all the safety rules indicated by the law.
• In order to pay an object; do I need a bank account?
Yes. In order to perform a bank transfer you need a bank account.
• How much does this type of payment cost?
The service can be free or on payment according to the bank, in general, in case of payment, it does not cost more than 3/4 euros.
• How long does it take to receive the Bank Transfer?
According to one’s bank, it usually takes 4/5 working days in order to receive the payment.
• What is the maximum amount for this method?
No limits.

b) Credit card (via "PayPal"). 
The Virtual POS PayPal allows all the owners of a credit card to perform purchases on the Internet or thanks to the exchange of funds among users registered on their system, for Free! 
• How can I pay if I don’t have any PayPal account?            
It is possible pay without being a PayPal customer, anyway everyone can register to the PayPal system, it is sufficient to perform the registration continuing the purchase indicating the will to create a PayPal account, and anyway you will be addressed on the pages of the official website of PayPal where you can close the transaction.     
• Is PayPal a safe system for payments?              
Yes. After the transaction on the encrypted pages of the Bank, a receipt of payment will be released.
• How can I know your account number?             
The pages that will guide you to the transaction are already set so that you will operate by introducing the minor possible number of information, at the end of the transaction you will receive an email containing the reference number of the operation in order to verify from you bank statement the accuracy of the data and the amount paid.    
• How much this type of payment cost?  
This payment has no further costs and the protection of the transactions is directly ensured by the Bank institute accredited by the most used safety certifications of the world.            
• How long does it take to receive the payment?  
The reply is immediate; as a matter of fact the status of the order is immediately modified and the goods prepared for shipping
• What is the maximum amount for this method? 
The method you have chosen during the registration to the service and anyway it is always limited by the daily limit of the payment card you have chosen

c) PostePay recharge
One of the last news by Poste Italiane, allows everyone to recharge, directly at any post office, a prepaid card you will receive the details of once the order confirmed. Moreover, it allows transferring funds directly from your prepaid card if you already have it.
• How can I pay if don’t have a PostePay card?
Anyone can recharge the card of anyone else, it is not necessary to have one.
• How to recharge your card?
It is sufficient to go to any post office and ask to make a PostePay recharge in our favour.
• Is PostePay a safe system for payments?
Yes. After the recharge you will receive the payment receipt.
• How to know your card number and the holder?
At the end of the confirmation of the order you will receive an email with our card number and the name of the holder followed by the total amount of the order to pay.
• How much this type of payment cost?
1 euro for each recharge
• How long does it take to receive the recharge?
The reply is immediate.
• What is the maximum amount for this method?
€ 2,000.00

d) Advanced cash (only at the offices of the main office, after the order on the Internet via the website).
Please, place your order on the Website and, within 48 hours from the confirmation of the order, please come to our offices to pay in advance cash or by debit card. In case of collection of the product at the offices of "Calpasen" you can also pay a deposit of 30% via bank transfer or PostePay and then return after one week to collect the product. The collection of the product must be done a tour offices within the times indicated.
You will be informed via email or phone for the collection of the order.

10. Right of withdrawal, money back guarantee

"Calpasen" respects the rules on the right of withdrawal contained in articles 64/67 of the Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.

The “Customer” has the possibility to withdraw from the contract, without penalties and without specification of the reason, within the term of 10 working days for the goods from the day of their reception, for the services from the day of the conclusion of the “On-line” contract.

This right can be exercised only by the Customers, hence all the purchases performed for scopes not outside the entrepreneurial or professional activity, or where the reference of a VAT is inserted in the proper order form, do not have this right.

The Customer can exercise the right of withdrawal making a proper claim or with the sending of the relevant communication via fax or telegram or email. Any type of communication (claim included) must be followed, under penalty of forfeiture, within 48 hours by a registered letter.

All the return costs of the products are expressly at the Customer’s expenses, who, through its courier, will forward them at the logistic structure of "Calpasen" prior indispensable authorisation to the return that will be communicated to the customer by "Calpasen" via email. Please note that for the articles purchased ON OFFER, 15% of the purchase price will be retained and that the risks of transportation for the return of the articles are totally at the Customer’s expenses. All the articles must be returned in the same conditions of the reception, not used and totally intact, provided with the original packages and of the manuals, without lacks. The Customer cannot exercise this right of withdrawal for the contracts of purchase of audio-visual products or sealed software that have been opened; in the same way the customer cannot exercise this right for customised products or clearly customised ones or that, by their own nature, cannot be returned or risk deteriorating or altering rapidly. As for the right of withdrawal applicable to products of mobile phone, it can be exercised only in case the use of the device in transmission or in reception does not exceed 15 minutes in total ("life timer"). "Calpasen" will accept the goods returned only after having checked that the products have been returned in the original conditions and with the packaging intact. Only in this case i twill forward the amount paid by the Customer by the terms provided by law (30 days). "Calpasen" will refund the amount via bank transfer, the Customer will have to communicate his bank details (IBAN Code – Bank account of the invoice holder) to receive the refund. In case of forfeiture of this right, "Calpasen" will return the good purchased to the sender, with shipping fees at the Customer’s expenses.

11. Assurance

The products sold by "Calpasen" are insured as by the Law from the date of purchase.

12. Termination of the contract and express termination clause

The obligations assumed by the Customer referred to in art. 3 as well as the guarantee of the successful payment made by the Customer have essential feature and, hence, by express agreement, the non-compliance on the part of the Customer of only one obligation will determine the immediate resolution of the contract ex art. 1456 c.c., without prejudice to the right of “Calpasen” to appeal to the competent Authority for the compensation of the damage suffered.

13. Disputes and responsibility

The sales contract between Customer and "Calpasen" is considered concluded in Italy and in compliance with the Italian law. For the resolution of civil and legal disputes deriving from the conclusion of this distance sales contract, if the Client is a Customer, the territorial competence is of the Court of reference of his municipality of residence; in all other cases, the territorial compete4nce is of the Court of Bari exclusively.

14. Services

'Calpasen' proposes its Customers several services, as the promotional codes (Coupons). Their use is governed by some terms:
- The promotional codes are valid only for the products present on the Website. Each promotional code can be used only once and cannot be refunded. The promotional codes are not cumulative
- To benefit of the discounts offered by the promotional codes, it has to be inputted in the proper space at the moment of the validation of the summary of the order on the Website. In case of omission, the order cannot be cancelled or renewed to take the discount into consideration.
- The promotional codes are valid only during the period indicated

15. Privacy policy

The personal data requested in phase of sending of the order are collected by “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” and treated on IT supports, in order to meet the obligations deriving from the contract concluded with the Customer and will not be, in any case and in any title, transferred to third parties. “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” guarantees its own Customers the respect of the rules as for the treatment of personal data, governed by EU Regulation 2016/679. The data controller is “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” located in Litorale Mola-Cozze, 2 - 70042 Mola di Bari (BA), in the person of the owner, unless the appointment of a responsible in compliance with article 29 of the Legislative Decree no. 96/2003. The Customer, at any time, has the right to revoke the consent to the treatment of personal data by written communication to send to the legal office of “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica”. The Customer, who declares to have received the policy containing all the information contained in art. 13 of the EU Regulations 2016/679 about, among others, aim of the treatment, type of data treated, rights of the person involved, has the right to access to his own data according to the modes indicated here. All information is used to improve the relationship with the Customer, for example to facilitate the process of purchase of the products, give services and assistance and communicate news as for products and special offers of “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica”.              
The Customer will have the possibility to impose “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” not to use his data for marketing or commercial purposes if not after the explicit consent to their use.  

The policy of “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” as for the treatment of personal data can be read at the following link: 8.2_B Informativa Clienti sito e Servizi E-commerce            
In relation to the above-mentioned treatment of personal data, you can exercise all the rights referred to in Art. 13 EU Regulations 2016/679, and defined in the above-quoted policy. In particular, in case you send “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” the request of cancellation of your personal data in compliance with art. 13 of the EU Regulations 2016/679, “Calpasen & C. Srl – PeterNautica” will immediately cancel them without further notice and/or communication and this will involve the immediate termination of the Service.


Express acceptance.

The Customer, after a careful reading of this contract declares expressly to have acknowledged and accepted, in compliance and by the effects of articles 1341 and 1342 of the civil code, the clauses referred to in articles 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 retained viewed and doubly undersigned.